Local DNS: AdGuard with Unbound on OPNsense

Using Unbound DNS for local hosts. DHCP is set to point all devices to an AdGuard Home dns server for internet filtering and recursive lookups. AdGuard runs on a small standalone server. AdGaurd forwards any local queries to unbound for local host IPs. In the event Unbound is queried for non-local hosts, DNS over TLS is set for anonymity. Using Cloudflare’s Family Filter for extra protection. Using Quad9 as backup if cloudflare isn’t reachable.

Cloudflare IP’s and URL’s
  • DNS:53
    • = unfilterd
    • = security: malware filter
    • = family: malware + adult content filter
  • TLS:853
    • tls://one.one.one.one or
    • tls://security.cloudflare-dns.com
    • tls://family.cloudflare-dns.com
  • HTTPS:443
    • https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
    • https://security.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
    • https://family.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query

Cloudflare DNS Test


DNS Diagram

AdGuard Home

DNS Settings


General Settings


Local Hostnames to IP’s

DNS over TLS

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