2019 Rockin’ Recipes


As we all know, when it comes to keeping in touch, I am the worst! I wanted to send out a digital “Holiday Card” this year that evoked conversation all year long. I decided to cook more this year and wanted to share that with you. As most of you also know, I have a love of seeing live music, mostly jam bands, and decent beer. I paired my take on some common recipes with some bands I saw live over the last year and a beer or wine I like. I hope you enjoy!


  • Prepare all the ingredients first. Have everything chopped, measured, set aside before you start cooking. Read through the entire recipe to have an idea of how you’ll use each ingredient and what the overall process is.
  • Cookware matter! Use the right cookware.
  • Ingredients matter! Don’t substitute and always buy fresh. I tend to skip pre-packaged and get items from the deli and butcher.
  • Taste often and season as you go. Baking is a science, cooking is an art. Assume all measurements are “suggestions”.
  • Don’t be shy with Butter or Salt.
“Twiddle” Tinga TacosBy Danny EckesJam down with some delicious chicken tacos! This spicy and tangy recipe will complement the improvisation of Twiddle any day of the week. I've had the pleasure of seeing Twiddle several times over the years. A band that always impresses with their musical talent and unconventional transitions. Enjoy the tacos with some great music and delicious Mexican lager.
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