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Ham ChowderBy Danny EckesPerfect recipe for leftover ham from the holidays.
“Twiddle” Tinga TacosBy Danny EckesJam down with some delicious chicken tacos! This spicy and tangy recipe will complement the improvisation of Twiddle any day of the week. I've had the pleasure of seeing Twiddle several times over the years. A band that always impresses with their musical talent and unconventional transitions. Enjoy the tacos with some great music and delicious Mexican lager.
Garlic Parsley ButterBy Danny EckesEasy and delicious garlic butter. I usually double the recipe and keep it in the fridge for a month or so. I use this on just about anything from garlic bread to saute vegetables.
Jerk ChickenBy Danny EckesGreat dish for adding some heat to your cold winters.
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